Why Years Are Getting Shorter


A new year comes and another goes, lately that’s literally how we feel, it’s like just a blink of an eye and puuuffff 365 days are gone.  We keep ask ourselves where and why but no good answer comes in mind;

However I woke up this morning as usual and made my cup of coffee or as we like to call it here ( Nescafe) opened my social media apps, I saw my friends’ posts all talking about how we loved and hated, how we gained and lost life adventures friends and companions throughout this passing year, a cliché right?  Yes its really out dated for us by now, so I thought to write you a NEW CLICHÉ, a one that suites the new age drama so you can use to think of your own new posts. I came up with three theories, pick one up and fool around with it and share your friends.

Theory number 1; coping with the digital age.

Do you remember when we had phones that its battery lasts for a whole week? As we move forward with technology not only does the battery that lasts less, but the phones its selves starts to become really out dated, and you find yourself constantly in a war to catch up on the new updates and the new version of the gadget in hand.

The same exact thing is happening to our new year, it starts sweet and shiny and soon the problems come up and you need a new format and a new update becomes vital. So unless you are determined on having a NEW YEAR with full features built in and willing to pay it off with your sweat, don’t add a number to it, instead simply add an S.

Theory number 2; playing the (feels like) game with us.

Does everyone, like me, get bothered by the weather apps telling you the weather degree and the writes under it (feels like) and it usually not in a good way at all for example its 30 degree but feels like 40!!! Or its 4 degree and feels like -18!!! This is so similar to the count of days in the year its 356 days feels like 90 days!! They should really consider this update.

Theory number 3; a child’s year vs. an adult’s year.

Would you dare to compare? When you were a child, how long you waited till the New Year’s Eve to come and how long you wait now? Would you? If it’s me, I wouldn’t dare. I remember once we had a family gathering and we were showing pictures of us that we took last year. I remember my aunty asking me when was this taken and I replied LAAAAAASSST YEAAAARRRR , with a hand gesture as if it was ages ago! Of course for a four years old girl last year was a life time. In that year, I learned how to draw a palm tree and what the colors of flag of my country are.  I also learned the alphabet and how to write my name next to my father’s, my mother’s and my brother’s name with a big heart around it. I learned that I am an individual and I have rights and say.  That achievement alone some people could spend their lifetime searching for, stumbling upon what others say to them and why, questioning their very own existence and whether they are entitled for the life they have or not.  My point is we are all responsible for our own lives, for our own achievements, and our years are not measured by numbers, they are measured by achievements and what we have added to our brains, our lives and the lives of those whom we love and cherish. Do the best that you can, go and demand what is right for you, read as much as you can, and add value each minute of each day.

A side from jokes and fun theories I want to share with you this fact:  A minute lost is a minute that never comes back. Minutes, let alone a year are important, so  get purposely fired up and make your years count.

Wish you a countable year.

Lina Husham

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