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4 Things Rich People Can’t Afford, Yet It Seems As If All What Other People Can.

Now you think that I’m going to preach you here about all the things that rumors say about un wealthy limited income people have and rich, wealthy people don’t, things like (health, happiness, families etc) and that I’m gonna give you the famous say (money can’t buy happiness) bla bla bla right? well flash news for you, I won’t.

In fact I have a new say in this regard, if someone tells you money can’t buy happiness, say true, if their money were fake.

See we grew up with this belief in our heads, led by our families and society, believes that money is evil, that if we have money we won’t have happiness, and we will get sick and unhealthy, mainly we will lose our most precious things including our family bonds, now all that might be true for some people, but it doesn’t mean that if it happened to them that it will happen to you too.

Money is a neutral object, its energy is driven by your source energy, if you are good then money will make you even more good of a human beings inside, if you are bad then money will only increase your bad side, this is the believe that you need to adopt if you want to get rich, otherwise your head will be in constant conflict regarding money, and a confused head won’t achieve a thing, from one side you think money is bad, from the other side you work too hard to get it.

Now that you have changed your believe about money (or at least that’s what I hope you did) let me tell you four things that rich people can’t afford, although it might be way more than four but that’s what I’m going to list here for you today, so if you are willing to give those things up, then you will stand a good chance to be rich as well, and then get the REST of things that they can have.

Number 1 thing they can’t afford is; fear.

Yes fear,  most rich people can’t afford be fearful, not even for a second, having fear in their heart means losing opportunity, means missing chances, failing, and simply means losing and they can’t tolerate to let themselves feel this way, and they are well adopted on lacking the effect of this factor in their life, see we as human beings we will always have all type of feelings inside of us, but it’s always up to us to let them effect our lives or not, so the fact that they don’t allow themselves to be fearful doesn’t mean they won’t feel the fear, it only means that they won’t act upon it.

Think about your favorite football player, what happens if he is in final game of champions league or world cup and he has one shot in the last minute of a tie game and his shot will determined to whom the cup will go, what happens if he gets fearful and won’t take the shot? You will probably break the TV, that’s why he doesn’t even have that option; he cares about your TV way more than you do ;).

They say life is happening on the other side of fear, that is so true, and me myself experiencing it more and more each day, whenever I take a decision that I fight the fearful girl inside of me, I get great things happening in my life, I remember when I was a little girl I used to fear playing with the slides, specially high slides, I remember once I was in a park with my parents and I was so happy playing with the swinging with my friends until they decided they want to go to the slides, here I took a step back and went to my mom and told her all about it, she tried to convince me that its fun and its easy, but as a five years old girl I was so consumed by my fear that I just held her hands and stood next to her watched my friends playing, laughing and enjoying their times, I started to think of why and what could happen if I go, there they are playing, no one died lol, so what could possibly happen, and in a glimpse of an eye I gathered my courage and I let go of my mom’s hands and ran to the highest slide I climbed all the way up, and my heart was pumping so fast, I went up there and looked at my mom’s eyes shining and smiling at me, and I slide. I felt like the world had been given to me.   It was a moment that I never forgot and was with me whenever I felt fearful. Many times what you are afraid of happens only in your head, and won’t happen in real life. So if you want great things to start happening to you in your life, if you want the world to be given to you, adopt this mindset.

Number 2 is; procrastinating

Rich people always know the worth of time, and time always reward those who know its value. Those people know that putting off tasks has huge impact on their productivity level, thus on their success over all.

Now the problem doesn’t ray merely on this, the problem is that when you allow yourself to postponed a small task, this task weighs much more in your head than it would if you did it right away, and the more you put it off the heavier it becomes, cause the mind actually BELIEVES that it is a heavy task, that’s why you HAD to postponed it. The mind doesn’t understand laziness, doesn’t understand irresponsibility, that’s why it translate this action as if something forced you to put it off, something that is out of your control. it a tricky game, and if you want to win in it you need to do your job right away, before it gets heavier and before it turns into habits, habits are chronicle acts of the mind regardless of its nature. So chose your actions wisely.

Number 3 is; being pessimist

This is one of the worst things anyone can have as a characteristic traits, let along if its someone who is his life, his success, are on stake, such people take being optimistic very seriously, why? Because they know that when things get hectic, the last thing you want to have is a jammed mind, being pessimist is literally the process of blocking any road for succeeding, it blinds you from seeing solutions even if it’s in front of your nose, and soaks out all of your energy from seeking ones out. Tell me how many times you had a great idea and then either YOU or someone close to you convinced you that it won’t work, sabotaging all your plans and gave you tones of reasons on why you won’t make it and why it’s a bad idea? You might convince yourself that you are a reasonable person and that its reason. But the fact is that you didn’t have the enough needed enthusiasm and optimism to get you through even the very first phase of allowing yourself to dream. All successful people in the world have this trait in common, if Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t optimistic about his idea back then, we would have now the most successful app on internet, and he wouldn’t be one of the youngest billionaires in the world, same with Donald trump if he wasn’t sure that he will win the election before he gets in, would he have made it?

The world is full with success stories, with all kind of components in it, one of the most important traits they all share, is being optimistic at all times and by all means. That what made them get through the obstacles and get through the hard times they faced, and that’s why no rich man can afford to be pessimistic. And neither would you.

Number 4 is; watching TV

I have nothing to say about this, just stop watching TV and do your thing, you will soon enough get to where you want to be, no one won by watching TV unless you are a TV programs examiner or you own the channel, other than that you are only wasting your precious time, and if you don’t know what to do with your time yet, if you haven’t reached to what is your purpose of life, or what you are good at, then read, read and you will know.

Next time you wonder what are the secrets for those people remember those few things and you have two choices, either to let go of those traits too and join the club, or … well I don’t even dare to think of that.. Your call.

And always remember

Be happy and live positively,

Lina Husham,

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