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5 ways to stop being irritated wreck

In this world of chaos and noise, no breaks from jobs, no family gatherings, social media is all over the place, we lost the ability to hear our own voice, we became unable to dispatch from the crowed for a second and re join our inner self, to look for what was bothering us and what makes us happy and satisfied. And when we failed at connecting to our peace, we became easily irritated human begins at the smallest of reasons, effecting what is left from our precious relationships with our beloved ones.

And while there are many ways to be peaceful, and stop the feeling of irritation to expand like a cancer into your life, I chose these 5 ways to help you manage it sooner than later.

  • Appreciate yourself;

As you know the root of all problems in our lives, is the little appreciation we give ourselves, whether you don’t see yourself up to something, or just blaming yourself for things that went wrong in your life, both are originated from the feeling of incompetence, and that doesn’t affect you only, it affect everyone else in your life. See the subconscious is unlike what you do to yourself it has its own ways of defending your very existence, and when you see faults in yourself sometimes before you even realize them, it –the subconscious mind- deludes you by projecting those faults onto others, making you think that it’s not you, it’s in them, so you become irritated at the whatever triggers that inner insecurities of yours. So getting rid of those insecurities and appreciating yourself are your first step into peaceful living.

  • Accepting others;

Another way to get rid of the irritation feelings is to accept others the way they are, there are as many personalities out there as the number of finger prints god made, so to find your exact self is something impossible and the search for such thing is some highly disturbing act, and it will lead to, frustration and irritation, I remember begin frustrated just because I couldn’t make my mother listen to my favorite singer while she was driving lol, accepting the variety of human begins is an act that is highly rewarding, it doesn’t only make you in peace, it makes you happy too, to bring its rewards in your life, start seeing people of whom they are, not of whom you want them to be.

  • You expand what you focus on;

Have you tried to look from over a bridge to the water? If you look for the first sight what you think you will see? And what do you think you will see if I tell you to look at that fish? At the first glimpse you won’t see it, but when you start looking for fishes you will see a whole group of fishes swimming by, it the effect of the brain and how it eliminate things that you are not focusing on and expand things that you are willing to see, once you were open to seeing fishes you started to see all kind of them and you get surprised that how your mind tricked you at the start and you couldn’t see them.  It’s a two sides weapon, you could use it in good and you could use it in bad, whatever you are willing to think of, your mind will find you millions of ways to see that in your life, it will take lead place and a priority in your mind. And if it happens that you allowed disturbing events to take your concentration and your thinking, be sure that it will get bigger each day leading you to feeling irritated at all times.

  • Get away from irritation causes;

Sometimes the reasons behind your irritation is reasonable and rational, like there are certain acceptable things and unacceptable things out there that you can’t un see and you can’t say that it is okay, in such situation it is best to keep away from them, for example news, it is one of the most irritation causes out there, whenever you see any type of news you feel like blood is rushing into your brain and smoke is going out of your ears and nose, and such thing is out of your control, same thing  with social media, sometimes I get really irritated when I see certain type of people get praised and millions of follower and millions of views just out of their outrageous behaviors. Like the Kardashians, I still don’t get why they are so famous, no actually I know but I don’t want to admit it, I don’t want to admit that our curiosity lead us to find reality TV shows so fascinating even when it doesn’t add anything to you, even when it encourages outrageous behaviors. What to do when you are in such situation, just simply stop watching irritating things whether it’s on TV or on social media.

  • Practice self control;

As the reasons vary and it can be very vague to decide the roots of irritation and whether it’s justified and uncontrollable or something you can control and cure, best thing you can do is to practice self control, once I read a book about practicing self control and how it is the key to succeeding at many things, one of them was an exercise to help you get rid of the irritation feelings you get when something goes unlike what you want or imagined to be, and that was when a fly comes to stand on your hand for example, the immediate reaction you get is to move your hands in a way to let it fly, and you may even get up your place and go to bring some sort of fly killing machine to kill it lol, the exercise says to not do that, and when it comes to stand on your hands, you let it, and close your eyes, and imagine as if it is your friend and came to draw a beautiful line on your hands, you visualize that line and smile for how creative it is. Now I know just by saying that you have the feeling now of moving your hands fast to let it fly lol, but believe me it was hard to do but so much rewarding, it really teaches you how to control your irritation feelings and how to accept others for whom they are not of whom you want them to be.


Those were only few things you can do to stop the feeling of being irritated and trying to living in peace with yourself and with others around you, this is a very serious trait in your personality that you have to get rid of before it changes into becoming anger, anger is the sum of all the mischief qualities that a person can have, angery person is someone who always blames society for what they have in their life, someone who wishes nothing but misfortune to those who are not in his close circle and sometimes even for those who are close to him including himself, the angry person is someone who will tolerate being obnoxious to those who are less than him, and may even become violence towards anyone who is close to him, justifying his actions by all means, and the easiest word is ( you irritated me).


If you are someone who is at the beginning of irritation feelings, or if you know someone who is, you need to start immediately practicing those five steps and encourage that someone to do so, before it turns out to something more and becomes harder to get it out of your system, we are all are under life pressures and we are all vulnerable human begins but we are strong at the same time, and have the will power, and we can make changes in our life whenever we decide to.

You just need to believe in yourself and in the goodness in those who are around you.

And always remember,

Be happy and live positively,


Lina Husham,


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