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8 Ways For Immediate Boost To Your Self Esteem


Before I give you those 8 ways, you need to understand first and foremost how important it is to feel confident and to act confident in order for you to achieve success in your daily life. Self-esteem is not just an inner state that you can harness just like bravery, shyness, fear of what others might say about you etc., but it’s the sum of all your inner feelings, with an enormous potential to alter them in your favor, to get the best out comes in any situation.  It’s the source of all the great things that happens in your life and the reason why you can overcome any obstacle that might come your way.

I’m gonna give you 8 simple and fast ways that you can boost your self esteem to make it work in your favour. As a side note, I’m gonna give a webinar next Saturday to give you a more detailed approach to tapping your inner powers. Sign up and mark your calendar.

1. Take a deep breath:

The first step that you need to take in your life, before any greetings or any meetings, make sure that you are breathing properly. Just inhaling and exhaling is not enough to count this as breathing.  You need to focus on the process and consciously take in oxygen and feel it invigorate your whole being, and expel the carbon dioxide along with any bad energy that was in your cells. Each cell has a mind of its own, give it the order to clean itself, and you will feel an immediate state of being united with your body. Breath properly and know that you are here to be ALIVE.

2. Think of success:

Have you heard the say that ”what you think about you bring about”? Well this is the same thing, except you are not bringing something that does not exist and you are trying to manifest it in your life. You are bringing out something that is already within you, a core component of who you are.

You are a success story whether you know it or not. Even in bad situations and you are unable to remember a success story that involves you, just remember that you have beaten millions of others to be here now. So give yourself credit and look inside for situations that you feel successful and think of people that made you feel like a hero. Activate your thoughts willingly and after few seconds of this thinking process, the memories that are responsible for making you feel successful will light up and do its magic. This is an important process to build your self esteem.

3. Change your posture:

Your mental condition directly effects your physical postures, and your physical postures directly effect your mental condition. It’s a game between two players, the body and the mind. They are way more connected than we give them credit for. When you feel shy, your face turns a rose red, and when you are excited your heart beats rapidly. These physical reactions are caused by a mental stimulation.  Did you know that changing your physical posturing causes a real change in your mental status? Walking up straight with your chest expanded by proper breathing, will raise your self esteem and make you feel instantly more confident. Try it and always use it.

4. Dress to impress:

Let’s say you are going for an exam, a new job interview, or just at home at the weekend with your family all around you, the way you dress will not only leave an impression on others but also on yourself. You will either feel self conscious about it (adding more pressure on yourself) or you will feel confident and it will be obvious to those who are around you. So make sure that it looks good, is comfortable and that you feel good in it. Always think of clothes that make you feel happy when you go shopping, clothes that you will actually wear and feel great in.  Until your next shopping trip, chose the best you have now and you are all set.

5. Clean the space around you:

I’m sure you’ve experienced it before, when you are feeling down and incapable of achieving anything, when something inside your head tells you to get up and clean the space around you. Whether it is your desktop, office, or your bed room, just to feel all fresh and pumped up like some sort of power has came to you, to help you overcome whatever obstacle was in your way. What you feeling is real, as clutter has a way of blocking good energy and this will cause feelings of incompetency. This has a direct effect on your self esteem, so clean the space around you and let the power of the universe nourish you.

6. Treat yourself:

The problem that makes a lot of us feel weak inside and causes self doubt, is that we don’t give ourselves a well deserved pat on the back. When we achieve something good, we should never feel guilty because it makes us happy! Too many people in society will want to make you feel guilty about it because of  their lack of being successful.

It is unfortunate that many spend their lives seeking bigger achievements but never appreciate what they have accomplished already to support their self image and self worth. Allow yourself to be happy for the little of achievements you’ve got and treat you with as little as a cup of tea before or after a long day at work. Consciously name that as a personal treat and you will feel like a CEO.

7. Write something:

Remember what we said about changing your posture to change your mental state and how the body and mind are affected by each others? The same principle applies with writing. Writing as little as 5 lines before any meeting or in the morning is enough to release the brain from a huge amount  of stress and is enough to put you in the mindset for success.

The science behind this is something that I will get into greater detail in the next webinar. I’ll show you exactly what to do to boost your self esteem, by simply changing specific formations in your handwriting, that will change your mental state and cause a change in your attitude.

So writing few lines each morning and evening is enough to give you an immediate boost to your self esteem and self improvement.

8. Read something:

A day that passes without you reading something is an wasted day, and I don’t mean reading posts on face book or social media. Reading things that actually feed your mind, articles and books that makes a better person out of you each day, and contribute in building your success. Whether it’s a self awareness book or articles about business practices.  10 minutes of reading will alter your mental state into a positive one and your self esteem will be stronger for it.

Self esteem is one of the most important thing that can develop. The lake of or the abundance of it can either make you or break you as person.  You therefore need to build up your self esteem daily and be determined to build your self worth. It’s a process that starts from when you were a baby and got encouragement from your parents to walk your first steps, and continues to grow up with you IF and ONLY IF you nourish it and allow it so.

Now tell me after you are read this article, how many points of immediate boost to your self esteem did you manage to do? Let me know in the comments.

And remember to always believe in yourself, just like I believe in you.

So be happy, and live positively,

Lina Husham

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